New trends of Mobile App Development

Things every developer should read in 2019

Now we head to 2019. Here we go for the latest trends and technology in Mobile App Development and Developers. The main challenge to all developers is updating skills daily. On reading some of the program resource books will get knowledge and can develop skills. Do you have an idea related to mobile development? Let's see

Have deep knowledge of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence which reacts and performs like a human being. They deliver certain features like speech recognition, critical thinking, learning, planning, etc. Nowadays app developers consider AI as an integral part of mobile development. They improve app performance and success rate.

Essential Features of AI:

  • Accuracy and perfection
  • Efficient in doing the monotonous task
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • The app enhances the daily operations of men
  • Perform in medical diagnosis as well

Develop essential learning skill

An App developer requires a specific set of skills in mobile development. Do follow the rule - "Learning by doing " which is the success key in mobile app development. The important aspect of app development is to build the best User Interface. They are responsible for the interaction between user and software.

It is an essential thing to have reading skills about new designs and interface constraints.

Relevant skills:

  • cross-platform app development
  • knowledge of programming languages
  • have an idea about backend computing

Introduction of the instant  app

Instant apps that run without installing on the device rather than launched by URL. Instant apps don't have any restrictions or limitations. Instead, they make it easier to deliver things with much ease. It removes barriers between new users and apps.

Let's see some advantages of Instant apps:

  • Share Mobile apps
  • Retain users for a long time
  • require less storage space
  • instant feedback
  • greater competition in the market
  • Quality user experience

Both  Advanced Augmented & virtual reality technology

In the field of marketing, augmented and virtual reality brings your business how to engage and how to surpass user expectation. Augmented reality enables virtual reality with real life. And virtual reality ensures completely artificial.

Read carefully some of the benefits shown below.

  • Both are content consumers and creators
  • Faster adopting technology
  • they can reduce language barriers
  • Customer interaction increases
  • understanding  user behavior
  • cheaper and widespread

Online Payment services on mobile

mobile ap development

Mobile payment services are of many types: SMS Payment, NFC Payments and Payment via Mobile apps. These systems let consumers pay by their own mobile devices.  The payment process is much easier and less complicated. What are the gains of Payment digitization? Here we go.

  • easy convenient
  • transaction speed increases
  • increased sales
  • low transaction cost
  • recorded transactions
  • lower risk
  • secure and reliable payment technique

Build the best platform for mobile apps

Do you the reason why choosing the right platform for a mobile application?        

Well, App development is critical for your startup. So you need to select the best platform for app development. Before that, why mobile apps are so important? It depends on many facts like

                   - spending more time online on smartphones

                   - 80% time spending on mobile apps.

Mobile apps will play a vital role in the business field with new devices, platforms, versions operating systems and organizations. It has been a struggle for the developers to find the best platforms. Based on the productivity and app development cycle, we should develop cross-platform. See the advantages of cross-platform:

  • Use reusable codes
  • Economic
  • enable the business to fast track
  • easy development
  • Uniform

new trends of mobile app development

Language resource availability

The two major languages are JAVA and XML. Once you learn these two languages, you need to know the connection between them. For a beginner, online tutorials will guide in studies.

Things to know before building the first app by yourself:

  • Learn JAVA & XML
  • Beginners should use to  prefer IDE
  • no care about time consumption for the first app


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